Welcome to Haysoft Solutions Limited

Our Vision 01.

To be a recognized world’s leading next generation services provider who passionately serve communities around the globe.

Our Mission 02.

To provide our customers with the highest possible level of service using the best available computer technologies in order to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

Core Values

Visionary, Valuable, Adaptable, Expansive, Fun, Team Players, Integrity, Confidence.

Why Choose Us

Next Generation World Class Infrastructure

Using the "best of breed" innovative technologies that guarantee customers access to premium products and services which are highly scalable, energy efficient, at an optimal cost.

World Class Team

Highly experienced professionals with in depth business and technical knowledge across various industry verticals.

Efficient Processes

We developed our products and services by adopting internationally proven systems and processes and aligning them with industry standards and “best of breed" practices. This provides our customers with the optimum mix of high productivity and cost effectiveness combined with the freedom to focus on their core business.

Customer Centric Services

Every organization has unique requirements based on their particular operational and business needs. Haysoft value-added services are modular and scalable to suit the clients' particular requirements which change dynamically over the lifecycle of their business, enabling them to meet present and future business challenges.

Responsive Customer Care

All our products and services are backed up by a rigorous customer satisfaction and feedback program, that are governed by quality accreditations and proven customer care methodologies, this ensuring that customer's interaction and experience with Haysoft is of the highest standards and our service meets customer's expectation every time.